Advance Happy Anniversary, Baby!

image Thank you for everything and for all the reminders that you will forever love me and never a second you forgot me. I love you so much, to infinity and beyond.


Happy 11th Monthsary, Mahal!

We had a very happy, happy day! Well at first, I thought our day will just be simple and the usual montthsaries that we had.

But, it ended happily. 🙂

August 21st is a Holiday that’s why we finally met on the day of our monthsary. At first, I said that if he needs to go to work (he’s an Engineer, and the whole building is crying because he’ll not be there on the site joke haha), then we can meet some other time. But he insisted, saying, “Gusto ko talaga makita ang mukha mo..” And then, I just died. Haha. 

We decided to just be in the nearby mall and eat. And, he bought me this book about God’s will for us.

After eating, we went to a Karaoke Hub just inside the mall and we sang to the top of our lungs with matching dance moves and videos! We really had a blast.

We were about to go home when he held my hand and thanked me sincerely. “Mahal, thank you sa 11 months na pagtitiyaga mo sakin.” I asked him why. ” Kasi mahal na mahal mo pa din ako. Kahit minsan pasaway ako. Mahal na mahal kita ha. Sobrang thank you kay God. Forever natin Siyang i-praise.”

Thank You Lord for 11 months of being with him and You as the center of our relationship.

The Day I Met his Parents

Yesterday, April 20, 2014 was one of the most happiest moments of my life. Marvin asked me to visit his homeland, Pampanga. I left our house at 8:00AM and traveled  alone to San Fernando Pampanga for an hour.

Marvin and his youngest brother  fetched me in SM Pampanga, ate breakfast and went straight to Victory San Fernando. After an hour and a half of service, we rode a jeepney and tricycle straight to their house. (I don’t have a lot of pictures because I am so nervous that time!)

And then, I finally arrived on their peaceful sanctuary. Their house is so peaceful for me. They have a garden for her Mother, a ‘Kubo’ made by his Father, a not working but memorable poso (lol) and a number of fruit bearing trees like langka and sinigwelas. However, the wind is really blowing so hot that time. Anyway, I have here some photos of Marvin but here’s the best and funniest. He’s wearing the sando of his youngest bro. 🙂 His Mother is on his back, cooking spaghetti we bought.

His Mother is so kind and beautiful. Now I realized that he looked like her Mom. I also saw his Father and two siblings. After some minutes, his Tito went over and Marvin introduced me to them.

“Girlfriend ko po.”, he said, with a smile.

10276520_10202041577823173_23542844_n (1)

Here’s his pacute, pamacho at papoging pose. Haha!

I had a very happy and memorable day. His Mother took all their family pictures and Marvin and I browse all the pictures, laughing! I hope you will all see how adorable and makulit he was when he was still small.

Honestly, I never thought that I will be visiting them this soon. But I am so happy knowing and seeing that he is so happy that day. Thank you Lord for this blessing. Looking forward to go back on their town fiesta! So excited!

The Day He Met my Mother ♥

It was our 3rd month together.. And yes, we are getting stronger, happier and full of God’s love, grace and promises.

Even before, we were already talking about what will be the reaction of my Mother on the day that I will bring Marvin home. And that day finally arrived. I texted Maco, my other bestfriend, to go to our house and help me with Mama because they’re really close. Haha.

It was a sunny afternoon and he is from his relatives in Novaliches. We agreed to meet halfway and buy gift for Mama; however, since the traffic is so heavy on Christmas Day, he decided to take another route and consumed more than 3 long hours on the road. Sigh.

We met at around 4PM, looked for Havaianas store in Cubao but found none so we decided to just buy a pair of jeans for her. Good thing I know the size! Hehe! Was not able to take many pictures because I am really nervous that time.

During our way to our house:

Me:                 Mahal, kinakabahan ka?

Marvin:          Hindi.. Wala naman akong masamang intension sayo Mahal.

Me:                 Mehehe. Ako kasi kinakabahan. (Super lamig ng kamay)

Marvin:          (Held my hand) Ang totoo, kinakabahan na ako. Hahaha!

HAHAHA! And we both laughed so hard, I prayed while he is holding my hand and he kissed my forehead saying that everything is going to be alright.

That ride was the longest and shortest ride I ever had in my entire life. Longest because while in our way, my thoughts were really clouded and questions popped up continuously in my mind like ‘What if my Mother doesn’t want Marvin.. What if…’ There are just many ‘What ifs..’ lol

We went straight to our house. I was very, very nervous that I don’t know what to do. Haha! And then.. I saw Maco. She is eating while teasing me. Mother is in the kitchen.. Cooking.

I just said to myself, “This is it. No turning back.”

Our Convo:

Me:                 Ma, may ipapakilala ako sayo.

Mama:           ………………………… akshd@fuia%sdyuw#

(She’s talking but I don’t understand. Maybe because of the nervousness I feel.)

Me:                 Tara sa sala..

Mama:           ………………………..

Me:                 Ma, si Marvin po, boyfriend ko.

(With a big smile on my face and a silent WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!)

Mama:           Ahhh..

(And she smiled now! What a relief!!)

Marvin and Mama!! 😀
1483795_10201319409169408_1492295635_n (1)
Me, Mama and Marvin. 🙂

And then they talked just about anything.. About the old television set with batteries, refrigerator using gas or oil(??).. Mother asked him where he lives.. They talked about many things.

It is just so unfortunate because I am really not good in remembering things. All I know is that I am very happy. So, so happy that my Mother now know Marvin.

Here are some pics! Mother took some photos of us together too!

Hearts are still beating fast!!
Marvin’s bidding “Good-bye” now 🙂

Other pictures:

Me, Mama and Maco
Mahal.. ♥
Maco left earlier..
Mama and Maco 😀

I will never forget this day. The Lord God really never forgets. He knows what is inside our heart, our desires, goals and happiness. Thank you, Lord.